Born in the throbbing metropolis of Wichita, Kansas in the fall of 1964, Eric Sharpe learned to use his imagination early. He was reading before kindergarten and by the middle of the third grade had finished every biography in the school library. Not to mention mastering the art of destroying a G I Joe with a single firecracker.

Shunned and picked on by his classmates because of his timid nature, he took his vengeance in himor and learned the art of the insult well. Learning quickly how to wound a person with words instead of punches, Eric became notorious for his off the cuff barbs that often left the recipient red with rage and the center of his classmates laughter.

As still a young man, Eric adopted the comedy of Richard Pryor and David Brenner into his blossoming mind. Later adding Bill Hicks and the National Lampoon along with writers such as Mark Twain, Hunter Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut into his list of favorites.

Stand up came at age 36 and has remained an interest that has played many different roles in Erics life. His comedy style has a knack for touching the common man both on and off stage and his honesty and originality as a comedian make him a favorite among his peers. When asked why he doesn't perform more he will reply, "I have a hard time being funny on command, even if the material is solid. I do better making fun of people at the mall. I kill at the mall."

His 1999, self published volume entitled, A Tale of Two Erics, which was the brainchild of Eric and lifelong friend Eric Steele, is a scorching look back at a time when mothers were still mothers and fathers still used their belts. A time when covert trips to the drugstore and adventures in the nearby creek took the place of the driveby shootings and drughouses of today.

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